The Alon Centre High School


The Alon Centre Special Education High School is designed to meet the needs of teenagers of normal intelligence with emotional and/or behavioral issues who have been unable to successfully integrate into the regular school system.

Our Approach
Academic Program

Students are divided into small groups of six to seven students. This very low student-teacher ratio allows the teacher to see and work with each of her students and to adjust the academic program to each student's individual needs. The emphasis of our academic program is not only on the material studied, but on how to study. Our students acquire the necessary skills to function as independent learners and to experience success in school. This enables students to develop their sense of self-esteem.Individual programs are determined for each student defining long and short term academic, behavioral, social and personal goals.Each student's individualized program allows him/her to take matriculation exams according to his/her abilities.

Enrichment Workshops
In addition to the standard academic subjects, students may participate in a variety of enrichment workshops. These workshops, in areas such as art, music, drama, cooking and horseback riding, allow the student to discover and develop his/her strengths beyond the classroom setting.

Individual weekly therapy sessions further the goal of students' raising their self esteem, accepting their difficulties and recognizing their strengths.

Each student is given a mentor, one of the teachers on staff. The mentor provides guidance and support for the student in addition to maintaining close contact with the parents and all relevant professionals in the student's life (e.g. psychologists, social workers, doctors).

Parent Involvement
Whereas we see parent involvement as a key factor in the success of their children, parent workshops are offered throughout the year. These workshops provide parents with relevant knowledge and communication and coping skills invaluable to their daily task of raising children. This also helps to create a situation where both school and home are communicating with the student in a similar way and with the same messages.


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