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“We believe that everyone deserves the
chance to succeed and to become a productive and happy member of society. We believe that our students, provided with the appropriate help and support, will succeed in their studies. This will strengthen them and enable them to believe in themselves and to face life’s many challenges.”

The Alon Centre of Kibbutz Alonim is multi-faceted centre for the nurturing of learning skills. The Centre serves children and teenagers with learning disabilities or emotional difficulties which have caused them continued suffering and frustration over the years to the point where they are unable to function in the regular school system.


In 1993, four women with a dream established the Alon Centre on Kibbutz Alonim. Originally, the centre offered remedial teaching, tutoring, and therapy after school hours. It started with just 22 childrfen, mostly from Kibbutz Alonim. It soon became clear that these students would be better served in a school designed to accommodate their needs. Thus, in 1995, the Alon Centre opened its first high school program.

The Alon Centre has become a recognized institution by the Ministry of Education and, in 2001, was registered as the Kalil Foundation.

Today, the Kalil Foundation is situated on a campus over rolling lawns, bordered by an oak forest, overlooking the scenic Jezreel Valley. Approximately 250 students from all over northern Israel benefit from our array of programs, each designed to meet different needs.

The Alon Centre staff includes special education teachers, teachers specialized in various academic subjects, art therapists, life skills coaches, psychologists, and registered didactic assessors.

The Alon Centre also serves as a training site for special education teachers, psychologists, and neuropsychologists.

The Alon Centre views the child as a whole and maintains constant contact with each student’s parents and all relevant professionals (e.g. teacher, psychologist). In addition, as we see parent involvement as a key factor in the success of their children, parent workshops are offered throughout the year.

As one student put it, “The best thing at the Alon Centre is that they see you all the time, yet the most difficult thing at the Alon Centre is that they see you all the time!”


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